Green Marine Peeling

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Green Marine Peeling is professional peeling beauty care based on freshwater sponges, natural extracts and Algae.(Laminaria) This Green Marine Peeling consists of Green Marine Powder(mixture of freshwater sponges and Laminaria) and the special Activating Complex Gel( Aqua(water) Mineral Complex, Aloe Barbados Leaf Juice ,Urtika (Nettle Root Extract).

Before application the powder and lotion are mixed together until a homogeneous paste is formed. The paste is applied to the face like a mask and then it is massaged gently for 2-10 minutes (depending on the sensitivity of the skin). After application the remains are rinsed with water. It is suggested that the application of Green Marine Peeling is done every 15 days until the desired result. This also has to be adjusted due to skin sensitivity.

After each application the skin is deeply cleansed, excess sebum secretions are minimized and dead skin cells are removed so a refined new underlayer of the skin can glow through. Regular use helps smooth fine lines, imperfections, discolorations providing overall skin revitalization and improving skin texture. The skin is rejuvenated and smoother with increased elasticity, a silky feeling and a silky glow. Green Marine Peeling is designed for Face and Body Care. Suitable for oily skin, tired skin with small scars, imperfections and discolorations.

On very dry dehydrated skin types as well as on the neck the Green Marine Peeling must be applied with caution and at all times with very gentle moves. It should be noted that the use of Green Marine Peeling after depilation and on skin areas with excess hair growth should be avoided. Precautions -During use always apply sun protective cream.


2-3 days prior to Green Marine Peeling application, a deep or simple(according to skin condition) cleansing of the skin is recommended. Application of Green Marine Peeling -Cleanse the area of application with Milky Cotton Cleanser and Moisture Splash Toner -Use Manual Microdermabrasion Procedure.-Massage the face for a minute or two with Golden Marine Scrub then add New Age Control Serum.Client will experience tingling and burning, but if you don’t see visual redness that concerns then move to the second stage. You then take Moringa Mineral Peeling in the palm of your hand, mix it together with New Age Control Serum and add to Golden Marine Scrub on the face. If redness will not appear then you move to the third stage by mixing Planto Minerals with New Age Control Serum and add to the two previous peels. At any point of this treatment you can stop a reaction by adding water because water will neutralize the acid. If everything is fine after three steps then you just add water, keep massaging for about 5 minutes and wash it off with lots of water.

-Put into a bowl an appropriate quantity of Green Marine Peeling Powder(depends always on the area of application on the face or body)and then pour into the bowl an adequate quantity of the lotion. Start mixing briskly until a homogeneous paste is formed for an average normal use(face care). The amount needed would be ½Tsp of powder mixed with ?Tsp of lotion. If a stronger result is required the mixture can be slightly heated. After 1-½ minutes apply evenly the paste to the skin. The process is that of applying a face mask. Leave the Green Marine Peeling on for 3-4 minutes. Add some Activating Complex Gel to the bowl and wear protective gloves. Wet your fingers into the bowl and start to perform a gentle massage with circular upwards movements for 2-10 minutes. The massage should be performed uniformly. Do not prolong massage over the same area to avoid prolonged extended irritation. -Always keep your fingertips moistened with Activating Complex Gel to prevent the product from drying out. -Normal use of the product(massaging-rubbing) induces hyperemia or increased blood flow and controlled irritation. The controlled irritation depends on the type of skin and the intensity and the time of rubbing. The reaction will determine the time of massage(usually 2-10 minutes maximum). -Remove the Green Marine Peeling with water and apply the calming Myrtle Mask.Leave the mask on for 20 minutes then remove it with water then protect the skin with Tinted Moisturizer SPF30 -For stronger results do not rinse Green Marine Peel with water, just wipe off with Moisture Splash Toner In the following 3-4 days the skin will start to exfoliate. During the 3-4 day period the skin should not be rubbed or irritated in any way. No soap or cosmetics products are to be used except Tinted Moisturizer SPF30 during the daytime. In cases of more than tolerated distress then First of All Serum should be applied. -On the 4th or 5th day complete the Green Marine Peeling treatment by gently cleansing any residue of the exfoliation with Moringa Mineral Peeling. -In the following days the skin will require moisturization and protection. Use First of All Serum and Cream Extreme with SPF33 should be applied. -You should advise the client to protect the rejuvenated skin with a SPF moisturizer during the daytime. Also use Anti Wrinkle Eye Contour Cream during the daytime and the evening


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