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EDVA Spa Products offer their clients natural and very effective products from all over the world. Dina strongly believes professional mentorship is the key to experiencing success in SPA business. Her passion for mentorship is what makes EDVA Spa Products standout from the rest of the crowd. Check out our testimonials below.

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"After almost 10 years I have to say that Dina and Victor are the most amazing, supportive and knowledgeable reps Healthwinds has worked with. We always look forward to Dina's classes. They are not only educational but inspiring! Looking forward to another 10 years!"
"Мany years ago, I met Dina and Victor from Edva Spa at one of the shows in New York. From that moment, almost for 20 years, I have been enjoying my business with their Company. Excellent products by Anna Lotan, ongoing training, the desire to introduce their customers to new technologies and innovations in our industry helps me as an aesthetician to be successful in my field. Dina has a profound knowledge of chemistry, biology, and nutrition, that's why her choice of products is always so popular among my clients. My clients love the green line from Anna Lotan products, and Japanese products based on gold and cordisep are also very successful. / Aloderm is a favorite for sensitive skin. Thank you, Dina and Victor, for your professionalism and knowledge. It's always a pleasure working with you."
"After 35 years in the hair in skin business, it has been awesome dealing with a company that is keeping up with the latest technology. Dina and Victor are committed to customer service and education. Have had the best success since the Pro Line came out 2 years ago. From Rosacea to pigmentation to anti aging, Pro is definitely the best skincare I have ever had to offer my clientele.

Favorite items by customer are Cell2cell and Ester C serum My favorite items are Retinol night cream and Eye &Face lifting fluid. Much gratitude to have been a customer of Edva for over 15 years."
"Quality products, never disappoints! I have been with EDVA for 15+ years!"

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