Edva Spa Products



Dina Krinitski is the founder & president of EDVA Spa Products www.edvaproducts.com, a wholesale company which sells holistic skin care products and treatments to spas, medical spas and wellness centres. EDVA Spa Products offer their clients natural and very effective products from all over the world. Dina strongly believes professional mentorship is the key to experiencing success in SPA business. Her passion for mentor ship is what makes EDVA Spa Products standout from the rest of the crowd.

Professional Mentorship

Professional mentorship is inherent to EDVA Spa Products™ philosophy to this day. Dina lectures on the power of holistic skin care techniques in North America and internationally. She is a sought after expert often speaking to large audiences in North America and abroad. Dina has also appeared on Global Television in Canada and is a guest on popular TV shows internationally in countries like Italy talking about the connection between skin care and diet.

Client Care

When it comes to client care Dina is never satisfied with second best. She is searches the world for ways to create natural beauty through unique ingredients, recipes and products. EDVA Spa Products™ offers a range of products that feature the best organic and active ingredients from countries like, France, Israel, Italy, Korea and Japan. Her company offers super premium brands like Anna Lotan®, Blue Bhume Skin Solutions™ and natural alternatives to Botox, chemical peels, fillers and more.

Working with our Clients

Professional Experience

Over the years Dina combined her professional experience, holistic and conventional knowledge into a unique mentorship system for spas to achieve success. Dina teaches her clients step by step on how to implement this unique mentor ship system organically with customers through ensuring they have the best products to sell as well as the best knowledge and education to share.
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