Needleless Mesotherapy Treatment

Needleless Mesotherapy Treatment is a natural alternative to strong chemical peels. In order to improve skin condition issues like acne marks, pigmentation or aging we have to mineralize the skin. By combining 2 components in Green Marine Power and Active Complex Gel we deliver a mineral solution, plumping the skin, treating pigmentation and restoring skin after pimples. Green Marine Powder is made of 5 marine ingredients: crystalline sponges; seaweed; minerals; plankton and purifying clays. While Active Complex Gel contains minerals and ocean water. When you mix Green Marine Powder with Active Complex Gel, it works like a natural needle, providing plumping solution into the skin and enabling the body to push out foreign substances - detoxifying and regenerating skin. Mix a teaspoon of Green Marine Powder with Active Complex Gel and apply all over the skin, keeping as a mask for 10 minutes. During the treatment the client may feel prickly and skin may become red after the mask is removed. After 2-3 days skin may (or may not) peel off and skin will look excellent!

Remember you can use this treatment after any facial like sessions from 4-6 treatments per week. In addition, it is important to note that you should follow with Myrtle Mask or if doing the treatment by itself use with Manual Micro Dermobrasion.